SolVit Hand & Heel Balm


The best non-greasy remedy for cracked heels / dry skin / fissures

You have tried the rest now try the best!

Wearing sandals, slippers or strap shoes, walking barefoot, body weight pressure on feet, and harsh weather may cause the feet to become dry and lose skin flexibility, causing dry cracked heels. In some people (Especially Diabetics) dry and cracked skin can easily happen, because certain nerves in their legs and feet do not get the message to keep their skin soft and moist. Numbness in their feet may make it hard for them to be a ware of small injuries. Cracked skin allows germs to enter and cause infection, even more so in Diabetes.

SolVit hand & heel balm is specially formulated as an aid to soothe and restore moisture and suppleness of the skin. Its unique concentrated formula works in the exfoliation of dead skin, stimulation of cell renewal, and provision of a fast, effective relief function. It forms a barrier to prevent from dehydration, It forms a moisturising film to let the effective ingredients penetrate fast into the skin and gentle emulsify. SolVit is suitable for Diabetics as part of their skin care regime

Application: Ensure the affected areas are Clean and dry, then massage with SolVit 2 to 3 (especially bed time) times daily. A visible improvement after 3 days. Feature
Jojoba oil
Green Tea extract
Hypoallergenic Benefits
Fast Penetration and Fast Healing
Softens hard Skin



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